Viale Santa Maria, 90

25013 Carpenedolo (BS) Italy

+(39) 030 9983153

Technology, research and development

Technology, research and development

A team of experts that works on the continuous product innovations.

The driving force of our research is represented by a knowledgeable staff that works at continuous innovation of the product range. Every product, from conception to production, is realized with the most modern technology and verified with tests on prototypes.

The active collaboration with our customers is the essential element for the design of new products adapted to evolution of machinery and better meet the specific needs of customers.

The entire range of FAD brakes is certified and approved according to the guidelines of the various countries in which they are used. The continuous research and testing on test rigs and in the field, in collaboration with the vehicle manufacturers, allow us to place on the market braked axles that have above-average performance and in some cases can be considered the best on the market.

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