Viale Santa Maria, 90

25013 Carpenedolo (BS) Italy

+(39) 030 9983153



FAD ASSALI estabilished its business sustainability on three main factors:

  •  Environmental sustainability: The certification, the first step to be able to talk about safeguards and care for the environment today cannot be ignored by companies that operate both nationally and internationally. This is the case of FAD ASSALI, which pays the highest attention to environmental issues.
  •  Social sustainability: It’s our desire and commitment to keep the heart of production in Italy, ensuring continuity to our employees, investing in the plant by implementing measures to improve the quality of processes, ensure just-in-time deliveries, prompt pre- and post-sale assistance.
  •  Business sustainability: The group membership of FAD ASSALI has invested and continues to invest mainly in Italy, for the decision not to implement the relocation, but the presence of the group in other countries is a necessity today indispensable to provide the local market. This is why recently the group has invested in the creation of a new plant in China to serve the local market.

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