Viale Santa Maria, 90

25013 Carpenedolo (BS) Italy

+(39) 030 9983153



We are the world class engineering manufacturer providing the highest quality products, services and solutions to our customers.

For Business: For Business inquiry fill our short feedback form or you can also send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or Troll Free Number – (+91) 00-700-6202.

For Customer Support : If you have any question about Factory Press WordPress or how we can support your business, Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or Contact via Support Forum and also phone – (+91) 00-700-6203 to 6206


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20c Factory Lake, New York. NY 10218 USA.

Telefono & Posta

(+91) 00-700-6203 to 6206

Saremo presenti dal 19 al 23 Ottobre presso il Padiglione 20 Stand B7.
Vi aspettiamo numerosi!

We will meet on October 19th-23rd Hall 20 Stand B7.
We look forward seeing you!